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It's not a glue.  It’s a Primer! 3M Primer 94 promotes the adhesion of the Hightail’s 3M VHB tape to the softer plastic of helmet trim and to the hard-shell.  

Using 3M Primer 94 maximizes the strength of the VHB tape’s adhesive and helps to prevent the clips from coming off during use.  

One primer ampule is enough to install multiple pairs of clips.  It dries to a clear finish. 

Apply in a well-ventilated area and keep away from high heat. 

Shake the ampule, break the bead inside, and then lay a clear, thin layer of the primer onto the area where the clip will be placed.  Wait for it to dry (2 - 5 minutes) then lay the clip onto the primer.

Please watch the Primer 94 video to be know exactly what to do.  

It is recommended to work on one clip area to completion and then work on the other clip area so that primer is not accidentally touched or smeared in the process.

Please ensure you are 100% sure of the correct placement of your clips prior to applying the primer. 

Primer can be removed with the aid of rubbing alcohol but it is challenging and takes time, scrubbing, and patience to do so.  Every effort to get it right the first time should be given.

If you have questions about the clip placement, please reach out to customercare@hightailhair.com with your helmet make and model.  


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